Boat Propellers

How to Select the Proper Boat Propeller

Selecting the proper boat propeller is absolutely critical to the performance of your boat. But how do you select the correct prop for your boat? There are a lot of confusing details when choosing propellers...pitch, aluminum vs. stainless steel, repair vs. new, 3 blade vs. 4 blade. Before shopping for a propeller, either in person or online, it is important to answer a few key questions first.

  • What kind of prop do you currently have?
  • What outboard or outdrive or you using?
  • Are you satisfied with top speed or hole shot of current prop?

Once you know where you are at, we can then help you decide what propeller is correct for you.


Boat Propeller Milwaukee WaukeshaBoat Props for Sale Milwaukee Waukesha | Rubex and Solas Props

Anchors A'Weigh has chosen to primarily carry Rubex and Solas props for the simple reason that they are better suited for today's boater. They feature a hub system that allows for FAST changing of the unit whether in the water or on the trailer. Also, they are very affordable with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on forums like iboats. Rubex by Solas and Solas marine propellers come in a wide variety of pitches, blade configurations and metals.

If you are looking for a boat propeller in the Milwaukee or Waukesha are, feel free to contact us, call 262-547-7170 or take a look at one of the catalogs below.