Metal Craft Docks

MetalCraft DocksAluminum DOCKS, Boat LIFTS, PWC LIFTS, Ramps and Stairs Systems

Metal Craft's boat docks are very durable and built to withstand hard use. Metal Craft's all aluminum and stainless steel construction provides many distinct advantages compared to galvanized steel, wood or plastic materials. There is no maintenance and the dock is impervious to weather. Aluminum cuts weight and eases installation and removal. All dock and pier products feature no weld construction! Dock decking is aluminum with a non-skid coating. There are no dangerous insectides and there are no splinters, no rot, no maintenance! And, the Decking is specifically engineered not to get hot. Start with the dock or lift sections you need the most and add more at a later time.

All Docks and Lifts come with a limited 15 year Warranty!

Click here for Dock Warranty or Lift Warranty.

Dock Systems:

  • Floating
  • Stationary
  • Portable

We also carry:

  • Vertical Boat Lifts and Cantilever PWC Lifts
  • Access Ramps(Gangways)
  • Self-Leveling Stair Systems
  • And a full line of accessories engineered to exactly fit